Day One

Today is the first day I start working on games full time. Or really the first day I’m working under any kind of plan to make a game I plan on releasing. It got me thinking about what I would’ve written when I formed my first company, Punch Through, 11 years ago. It probably would’ve been short and scribbled on a piece of notebook paper under EE4301, or whatever class I was daydreaming myself out of at the time.

I started Punch Through in February 2009, and put in a solid 11 years, with a few hiatuses into other startups. There were times it was incredibly fun and times it was decidedly not fun. A lot of the hard work comes from the reality of having to run a business. Back then, I was really anxious to prove I had a “real business”, which meant hiring as fast as possible, and being really busy. Now I realize most of the fun work happened early on, when I could spend time doing the engineering and building. While I plan on having reality follow me into the games industry, I’m going to hold onto that kernel of creative work that’s so fulfilling I would do it for free. (I’m doing it for free right now, in fact!)

I’m really thankful to find a space that feels this fulfilling again. I feel like things are in alignment. Let’s see where it goes.

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